A call center is a call processing center, incoming and / or outgoing. The use of a call center service has become one of the options for companies to contact customers or to receive their requests. Providers are now quite numerous, and offers may vary depending on each call center. In short, a call center definition can help you get an idea.

What is the mission of a call center?

A call center is not just a platform for sending and receiving calls. Specific objectives are defined for each call. Thus, the quality of the service is also a criterion to consider when choosing a solution. However, a call center definition is necessary in order to understand its main activities.


Outgoing calls are usually made for an advertisement, sale or survey. It often happens that a company uses a call center to make a sale over the phone. Phone prospecting is done to present the product to a well-defined target. This marketing strategy, commonly known as telemarketing, offers the company the opportunity to get closer to its customers. In other cases, there is talk of bids or surveys. The goal is to make a commercial recovery of the customers to whom the product has already been presented. For the survey or customer satisfaction survey, the goal is to take their opinions to improve the company’s offer.

Call reception

Setting up a service to receive calls from customers or prospects allows the company to establish a relationship with them. The role of a call center is then to manage the customer relationship of the company. It is a way of meeting the information needs of the customer and it also allows to communicate regularly with it. The service offered by the call center is here to set up a space where customers can inquire, make complaints, or simply have an after-sales service.

Why outsource? A call center definition to understand it

For more than 30 years, our agency has been supporting its customers to boost their sales through telephone prospecting. To do this, a team specialized in telephone sales, trained in our methods and expert on the trades of our customers. Setting up customer relationship centers for you is our job. We will give you our vision of the role of our agency through a call center definition.

As a service provider in the field of call center, we assist you in setting up the following missions:

A call service: who will be responsible for prospecting and offering your products and services to potential customers. To do this, we buy databases or qualify yours. We take care of the prospecting and you of the commercial follow-up.

So that your mission of commercial prospection is a success, all our teams are trained in our method of selling over the phone. Likewise, every sedentary salesperson is familiar with your products and your business. They are able to give the right information to your customers.

A call reception service: our agency will set up a call center or quality analyst to take care of your customers’ calls, whatever the purpose of the call: information, complaint, after-sales service, hotline. We will train technicians to your products and services so that they can meet the expectations of your customers. All in a commercial relationship taking into account the reflex of the other and customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing customer relationship management is a good thing for your business. Indeed, you have a team that understands the customer relationship, the sales techniques by phone and the technicality of your products. This allows them to know how to meet the needs of the customer who contacts you.